Homeland Recap: Spies in the House of Love

Written by Chip Johannessen and directed by the reliably excellent Michael Cuesta, "I’ll Fly Away" was the second super-soapy Homeland in a row. It was ludicrous and very satisfying. Plenty happened. Brody, who was being torn in all sorts of directions (by Nazir, the CIA and now this hit-and-run cover-up) told Carrie "everything’s falling apart" and informed his handler, Roya, that he was out. Carrie changed his mind by banging his brains out in a motel room. Brody called Roya, post-Carrie-boinking, and told her he was back in. Mission accomplished! Roya put two and two together and brought Brody out to a remote stretch of wooded highway. The leader of the Gettysburg massacre stuffed Brody into a chopper that flew him to a warehouse where Abu Nazir met him and said, "Neeeee…coh-lusss." (Abu-speak for "Nicholas.") "Roya’s pulling you into something, huh?" Carrie asked Brody last week, right before they locked lips in the woods. Apparently so, judging from the chopper flight and the presence of Nazir in the warehouse. Read More...



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