Family Guy Review: Second-Degree Burns, First-Degree Fun

I know Family Guy, like many Fox animated comedies, is meant to be something silly that can be watched at random, perfect for casual viewers and syndication purposes. But "Joe's Revenge" shows that there’s no reason why it can’t still be intelligently-written and know the show’s established backstory.

First off, astute viewers will recall that Joe’s original story for being handicapped was that he fell off the roof while fighting the Grinch. And while this episode was definitely a retcon of that story, at least it was acknowledged in the plot. I hate when long-running shows decide to just toss out any semblance of their history to assemble new jokes around the same situation, but considering that the show actually did hang a lampshade over it, I actually felt somewhat satisfied by it. As well, seeing Joe’s son and Susie returning (with her thoughts in Patrick Stewart’s voice) was enough of a continuity nod that I actually felt like the whole package worked. Some of the characters will always act inconsistently, but at least there’s a knowlege of the established history. Read More...


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