Crash Season 2 dissapoints.

It seems that just when Ben Cendars decided to get off drugs, the writers of the show decided to go on them. Where Season One of the show intrigued us and presented us with interesting and unique storylines not yet seen on network television, like Cesar the Guatemalan immigrant and Eddie Cho, the Korean aspiring doctor, Season Two gives us a bland taste of a different set of uninteresting characters.

From the original cast, only four actors have been invited back for an encore.

And judging from the premiere episode of the new season, the writers erred on their selection. Ben cendars, returns in a new, drug free mood. In season One I attributed his nonsense speeches to drugs, so now that he's clean I just find him simply irritating, trying too hard to touch our hearstrings.

Anthony, as Ben companion (not officially his driver in this first episode), seems to be forced on us, and I saw no reason whatsoever for him to be back for another round. The relationship between him and Ben is just not interesting to watch.

The same goes for Inez and Kenny. We enjoyed watching them commit adultery in Season One, but on season two, and each of them going their separate ways is just not fun at all. The audience attraction to that affair died towards the end of season one and it should have stayed defunct.

On the positive side, I was gladly surprised to see Jules return as Ben's daughter.

The too-soon collision of the characters in episode one, gives away the show's trick way too early in the season and even worse, it does not hook you up. There was not one single new character whose storyline I feel compelled to follow and that's a shame.

The only way I can see this Season of Crash make it to the Finish Line is by incorporating the characters from season One on later episodes.


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