The Walking Dead Recap: Dead Air

After keeping a steadily escalating pace all season, Walking Dead decided to take a moment to let its protagonist go crazy. The result is an episode that felt mostly like it was just killing time in order to get to the final moments when our two gangs, who have thus far been leading separate story lines, finally convene.

The idea of Rick snapping is a fine one in itself. After everything this group has seen, it feels inevitable that it would happen to someone. The execution was less than stellar. In retrospect, it was foolish to think that something as minor as death could put an end to all those "we have to talk" non-conversations between Lori and Rick that ate up so much of last season. This show can be downright OCD when it comes to returning to certain plot points, while lopping off other more compelling ones (cough, Morgan) as though they were nothing more than a zombie-bitten appendage. So I suppose I shouldn’t have been shocked that this final one happened through any means necessary, which in this case was over the crackling lines of a magic telephone. Read More...


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