Boardwalk Empire Recap: Rogue Waves

Boardwalk Empire finally turned the trick: It brought just about all of its narrative threads under the roof of a single episode during this hour. It also doubled-down on the narrative and editing "gotcha" device that I hated earlier this season, and it felt even more bush league this time around.

But let’s do positive stuff first. The audience favorites found some screen time: Richard Harrow not only was allowed to get in a fight with the drunken pa of his ladyfriend, he actually then got to get laid by said ladyfriend under the boardwalk. (Not sure why Harrow said he wished he could kiss her after they had a kiss last week. But maybe that’s just part of his game. In any case: good show!)

Chalky White appeared with his plan for an elegant club (and an expanded understanding of the zone for black-run business in Atlantic City) to replace Babette’s, and was rebuffed by Nucky — setting in motion an unknown amount of enmity. Nucky was busy trying to kill Masseria, who was in turn fed the dirt on the coming attempt by way of Lansky and Luciano (who are eager to entice an investor, in the wake of Rothstein’s heroin-trade demurral). This whole selling-out-Nucky bit wound up with OWEN DYING, a development I expect to see a lot of static over in the comments, though it actually makes a lot of sense. (Did you really think Owen and Margaret were going to get away, and either be ignored by the show or else become another hanging thread, all the way out in St. Louis or wherever?) More about the consequences and choices of the Owen reveal in a bit. Read More...


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