The Good Wife Recap: Subject Bias

Isn’t it just like The Good Wife to follow up a decidedly underwhelming episode that left many of you feeling like giving up on the show with one like this week’s "Here Comes the Judge"? There were plenty of flaws here, to be sure — and, ugh, more Nick — but just when we thought we were drowning in a sea of slack attempts at humor and too-many-guest-stars-at-once syndrome, the Kings give us just enough sparkle and smart writing to remember why we fell in love in the first place.

On to what happened: Grace’s classmate, also named Grace, overdosed on pills, and the school, naturally, is reeling. (Sidebar: It seems as though the cold opens are consistently becoming one of the most creative parts of the show, what with the Jackie dressing montage to the dark confusion of "I Fought the Law" to this week’s IM/video chat glimpse into the secret life of the American teenager.) Laura Hellinger is arguing her first case as ASA against L&G, an angry, rather flat little number concerning a woman charged with hiring her Pilates instructor to kill her husband. We never get too far into it, though, because the real courtroom action takes place in the trial-within-a-trial that happens with guest Judge Harrison Creary (Judd Hirsch). Seems Creary may or may not be a drunk, and some sloshy comments he makes after hours at a bar to Will in front of the sultry Giada (Karen Olivo) — who’s having drinks with him under the auspices of, ahem, getting career advice — could spell bias. "Do you know this bastard?" Creary cackles to Giada. "If it was up to me, you wouldn’t be allowed to practice law ever again," he says to Will. Yikes. L&G asks Creary to recuse himself the next day, and, naturally, this does not go over well. (Sidebar: Remember Giada back from season one and that DePaul law school mock trial Will judged? We seem to recall some motions to recuse going on in that one, too. Lawyers in the comments: Do calls for recusal happen as much as this show makes it seem?) Read More...


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Nov 24, 2012 7:02AM EST

it is time for Kalinda's husband to say good bye and leave the show how will it happen?

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