'Homeland' Review: 'I'll Fly Away' (Season 2, Episode 8)

This season of Homeland has really pushed the boundaries of believability, sometimes veering into directions that are downright ridiculous. But, as with any series, loyal fans will forgive the writ...



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Nov 24, 2012 9:33AM EST

Carrie would stop being used as asset and kicked out again of the CIA with all the real scandals happening right now with CIA and military over sex don't be delusional she would be kicked out, for being an unstable agent. Brody allowing himself to be used by both the CIA and nazir is foolish because no matter what happens in the end he has burned the most important bridge he had his family, after this fiasco with daughter Dana I would be filing for divorce against Brody toot suite transfer Dana out of the vp school right away and say my kid comes first trumps all else no gray area in this one family blood is thicker than water.

I don't like how the character of Carrie is so flawed more so then Brody..

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