Hypotheses about Nates situation.

Ok, so how will he get outr of it?

My main ideas are, either the mysterious bike guy is going to dig him out.

Or Kelly is going to come for a visit, hear his thought and they will dig him out then.

What do you people think?



Default avatar cat
Jan 7, 2010 11:03PM EST

Your definatly on the money there...
Theirs no way hes going to be able to scratch through the coffin or somthing lol...
and the only person's who would probably be able to help is Kelly or the stalking
"biker dude"...
Cause cmon... what else does a biker dude have to do all day besides follow
around a bunch of delinquents, right?

Default avatar cat
Mar 5, 2010 5:22PM EST

maybe "biker dude" has a storm power that drives him to save those in troble?

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