Leverage lacks involvement in the charachters personal lives

I love Leverage, but the fact that they dont show any personal interactions between the charachters makes it kind of dry, so to say.

On rare occassions when some personal detail has been shown, in the next episodes, they dont develop it.

Like for example in season one finale Hardison and Parker kissed, and I could see a conection, but then it just didn't go anywhere. Or the most obvious example Sophie and Nate. They had this THING going on since the begging of the series and in the past 20 episodes it didnt progress at all.

In the last episode The Two Crew Job we can finaly see some human interactions, Parkers strange friendship with her fellow thief, Elliots connection with the lady hitter. And finaly some action on the part of Sophie and Nate, some inside on Sophie's feelings. But something in my gut tells me in the next episode it just wont go anywhere.

Like I said I really love leverage, but lately I find I just watch it out of habit. Even before the begining of the episode I know how it's going to play out. A client, a job, some trouble along the way, but in the end the Leverage team always manage to outsmart everyone else. It's just getting old.

I really hope they add some romance into it.

Tell me what you think. Do u agree?



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Aug 31, 2009 12:32PM EDT

Not even true, they do love interest scenes with Parker and Hartisson all the time, they did the whole first season with Nathans dead son and estranged wife. We saw the fight guy has feelings agasint abusive families, and we now see Sophie coming out of her bad guy shell...


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Sep 1, 2009 8:14PM EDT

I bealive that they have to keep the Nathan/Sophie relationship on that level of no commitment so they can develop the characters.As to Hardison and Parker I bealive that is Parker's personality not to get involved and.But I understand your frustration, they could at least give us some follow up even if in the end nothing happens.

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