'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Good Food, Good Music and a Grammy-Winning Shush

Prom Mom

This week's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with Kim's daughter, Kimberly, getting dolled up for her prom. Kim offers up her Hugging Saint (is that a thing?) beads for good luck. Kimberly reluctantly takes. Kim babbles in the background about her chicken salad ingredients as Kimberly gets her hair and makeup done. Kimberly's adorable boyfriend walks in and makes all of the appropriate comments that a young boy should make in front of a parent (and the country). Kim tries to entice them to stay an extra five minutes for some lemonade, to which they decline. "C'mon Mom!"

The "O" Drop

Over to Yolanda's house as Richard, her Caterer/Butler, arrives. She runs through a list of menu items for her upcoming dinner party with the ladies that cause my stomach to obnoxiously growl. They unnaturally insert an Oprah name drop when mentioning a 70-year-old bottle of wine she gave them. We get it, you guys know people, ugh. Read More...



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