Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Review “A Man, A Plan . . .” – The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

After finally adjusting to Atlantic City without Jimmy Darmody, this week’s episode of Boardwalk Empirereminded me of my one pet peeve with the series – so many characters based on real life people. Without divulging too much, the show’s writers have used creative license with the characters based on real people but they’re clearly not inclined to make any huge departures. As such, the fictional characters become very vulnerable in a world of bootlegging, scheming, forking, shovels and gun play. Owen, you will be missed.

Thankfully, the writers gave us lots of Richard Harrow this week, which is not a bad consolation prize forlosing the charming Sleater. Seriously, what is more adorable than Richard bringing ice cream to Julia and Tommy (in an adorable little suit) making sand castles? Interestingly, the trio was enjoying the King Neptune pageant, which was the same occasion at which the Commodore took a liking to Gillian and had Nucky bring her to him. Read More...


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