90210 Season 5 Review “The Con” – Geek Chic

What better place for several plot threads to come to a head than at a comic-book convention? In this week’s episode of 90210, "The Con," Max, Naomi, Annie and Alex headed to a thinly-veiled Comic-Con to debut Max’s new gaming software, while Liam and Silver went to the same con to promote Corporate Invaders 2. Weird how they all ended up there!

At least the writers didn’t try to get Adrianna and Dixon there, too. After repeatedly cheating on Dixon, Adrianna’s club promoter finally told her he wouldn’t sleep with her anymore unless she broke up with her boyfriend, a fair request. But just when Adrianna worked up the nerve, Dixon’s got himself back in the hospital by allowing an abscess to fester on his spine while he tried to walk off the pain, and Adrianna found herself in the same predicament as before. Read More...



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