Revolution Season 1 Review “Kashmir” — Tunnels, Traps and Traitors

This week on Revolution, the gang teamed up with rebel members before attempting to sneak into Philadelphia through underground tunnels. During their trek, the rebel members proved to be more interesting than the gang (quelle surprise), Charlie was a liability to the people around her yet again, and there was a minute of excitement when the traitor was revealed…right before he was killed by crossbow-wielding Charlie.

I won’t lie, dear reader, I almost lost the will to live partway through Aaron hallucinating and seeing his wife instead of Nora. The only thing worse was, well, everything: Charlie’s over the top unconscious vision of her father, Nora thinking an alligator was trying to bite off her leg (which was actually pretty good, but I got my hopes up that she would die and she didn’t, so I’m disappointed now), Miles seeing Monroe and revealing that he would join the Militia again if asked (this whole episode was a way to dealwith that issue, one we neither knew nor cared existed before now, gratuitously soundtracked by Led Zep — thank you, Kripke). Read More...


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