Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Candy Wars”

Raising Hope returned tonight with a hilarious send up of gangster movies and TV shows with "Candy Wars". I wasn’t sure at first if Raising Hope could really pull off a "spoof" episode, but they really proved me wrong! They were bringing it tonight!

When Jimmy, Burt and Virginia have an opportunity to sell candies to the folks in Natesville in order to get Hope the coveted spot as the little pilgrim, this causes Jimmy to reminisce about the time that he won the title of little pilgrim back in 1993. At first I was a little annoyed that Burt and Virginia had yet another dark secret from Jimmy’s past that they’ve been keeping hidden all these years, as this seems to happen just about every week now, but they really didn’t dwell on that much at all. Instead, Maw Maw and the rest of the Chances get right to cooking up a batch of their highly addictive candy bars in order to rig the contest and win, and in doing so they attempted to spoof just about every major gangster or drug related movie or TV show ever. Read More...



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