Ben and Kate Season 1 Review “Reunion”

If I were to put myself in the hypothetical shoes of a person who hates Ben and Kate, and was asked to provide a reason for my hatred, the most logical thing I could think of would be that it’s a show that leans too heavily on it’s own nonexistent past. "Reunion" doesn’t do much to dispel that idea; it’s full of freshly-introduced back stories and revelations of personal history. For two of the main conflicts, it expects us to be invested in long-standing grudges we’ve only just now found out about.

Of course, if you were to ask the real me, wearing my own shoes, I’d cite that as evidence of the shoes excellence. Very little time is wasted on this show. Right in the opening (well, after the bit with Keith the turkey) we get introduced to Saruch (guessing on the spelling here) with absolutely no fanfare, as if we were already supposed to know who he was. His fashion non-competition with Tommy is a nice runner for the episode, the high note being Tommy’s entrance on clearly-Maddie-inspired Heelys. Read More...


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