Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me” – The Flash Mob

Romance was blooming in Bluebell in "Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me," this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, and it started with the mayor. Yes, after their public, post-election hook-up, Lavon and Ruby skipped all that crazy dating stuff and went straight to the sleepovers. All right, in all actuality they were just letting history repeat itself, but it was a little sudden, especially considering that no one really wants them to be together.

Zoe wasn’t even ready to think about forgiving Ruby for all the things she did during the election; they’re not going to be having coffee and chatting any time soon. Lemon was about to have kittens she was so upset about the man she still loves going with a woman she’s vowed to hate. And Ruby’s grandfather wanted Lavon dead and castrated, not necessarily in that order. Read More...



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