The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Thanksgiving”

This week’s holiday themed episode of The Mindy Project, "Thanksgiving," took our characters out of the doctor’s office, but kept them lumped together in groups as they split off for their own Thanksgiving celebrations.

Once again, the Josh and Mindy opening was clever and cute. I hope there will be a true Mindy and Joshcentered episode in the future of The Mindy Project because I think I’d enjoy just watching the two of them banter as they roamed around the city aimlessly. I was a little disappointed that Josh was initially a commitment-phobe because I didn’t want another reason to think he was being sleazy or using Mindy when he had seemed so genuinely interested in her previously. His personality was already a hurdle to overcome, so if he didn’t end up calling Mindy to reconsider the exclusivity agreement, it would have meant the end of my growing fondness for Josh’s obnoxious character. Read More...


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