Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Review Series 2 Episode 7

In the last episode before next week’s second series finale, Fresh Meat still doesn’t seem overly concerned with setting things up for explosive ends, with only Josie and Oregon heading towards any resolution in their respective storylines.

The former is continuing on her impressive downward spiral, heading to the betting shop when all of her housemates think she’s attending dentistry lectures. She’s caught out by Kingsley, who thinks along with Vod that she’s descending into life as a gambling drug addict, but Heather finally lets the cat out of the bag when things go too far. Poor Josie has had an awful time of if this year, but most of her bad luck has stemmed from her awful behavior in the first series, and it’s hard to sympathize with such a self-destructive character. It seems we’ve left the last seven episodes with her sitting alone or crying into Kingsley’s arms (this week, a mixture of the two), and I hope the finale lends her something to root for. Read More...


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