New Girl Season 2 Review “Thanksgiving 2? – The Fun in Dysfunction

It was an explosion of visiting family in "Thanksgiving 2," this week’s episode of New Girl, when Jess’s divorced parents and Schmidt’s brother came for dinner at the loft. I love that Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner somehow created Zooey Deschanel…no offense to Mr. Reiner (who I met and interviewed this summer and found to be delightful), but I think we can trace most of Jess’s hotness to her mama.

Even though her parents can barely stand to be in the same room together, Jess has apparently been trying to Parent Trap them back together since her childhood, often dragging CeCe into her elaborate plans. After tricking them into arriving for dinner at the same time, Jess gave her mom a makeover and then employed Nick to flirt with her mother to make her father jealous. Read more...


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