'Teen Mom 2' recap: Jenelle is 'violated'!

Wherever "Teen Mom 2" trainwreck Jenelle Evans goes, trouble -- and her Ed Hardy seatcover -- is sure to follow. But how'd she allow herself to become "violated"? Find out in our round-up of the latest mama drama from Jenelle, Leah , Chelsea and Kailyn Jenelle The home Jenelle shared with deadbeat boyfriend Kieffer, aka her car, finally broke down, so mom Barbara lent her the money to buy a new one. (Which she promptly despoiled with her Ed Hardy seat cover.) Great, now she can drive herself to jail! Because that's where Jenelle is likely headed after smoking pot. Jenelle doesn't share this news with her lawyer (who should attend a support group with Lindsay Lohan's attorney, Shawn Holley). Instead, she heads to Diagon Alley and buys a magic elixir that's supposed to remove all evidence of marijuana from her system. She must have drunk a bad batch, though, because she failed her drug...



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