The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dinner Party Conga Lines

Happy Thanksgiving Week, fellow RHOBH watchers! Are you thankful for the crucial addition of MORE KIM on this week’s episode? I certainly am. Will you be serving her gigantic chicken salad this Thursday, in lieu of turkey? Of course you will not! There is simply not enough mayo in the world.

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills began with a scene in which Kim "Jerri Blank meets Baby Jane" Richards obsessively stirred a huge chicken salad while her youngest daughter, Kimberly, got ready to go to prom with somebody who looks related to Kroy from RHOA. The editors were as happy to dwell on Kim’s return as we were to watch it; there were those extra-pregnant pauses around batshit things Kim the Elder said; a long, lingering look at Kimberly Jr. getting her eye makeup done while Kim Senior tossed pounds of walnuts with poultry in the background; and the devastatingly sad shot of Kim clearing the gargantuan silver bowl of untouched chicken salad moments after her own bird had flown the proverbial coop. Am I focusing too much on the chicken salad? I am not. I want that chicken salad to have its own introductory shot in the next episode’s opening credits. The bowl can turn toward the camera with attitude and say something like, "I may be chicken, but I’m never afraid to say what I think." Read More...


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