Gossip Girl Recap: Your Dark Side Is Showing

"You have a dark side," Eleanor Waldorf observed of her daughter in last night's episode of the Show of Our Time, prompting Blair to embark on an ill-fated mission to behave "more like Grace Kelly, less like Grace Jones." It's fitting that Blair's supposedly sinister alter ego would take the form of a disco queen, as Blair is probably, actually, the least dark person on the show. Even the flirtation with Jesus that followed her miscarriage was campy. Compare her to Serena, whose feelings of being unloved were proved right when she overdosed on a train, went missing for months without anyone noticing, and was subsequently dumped by her boyfriend after his teenage daughter, who hated her, sabotaged their relationship. Or Dan Humphrey, who came to this show an innocent idealist and has morphed into a bitter, meanspirited jerk. Every time the camera lands on his face, we expect it to pan around and show that one half of it is a grinning skull, like Harvey "Two Face" Dent. And was anything darker than the scene at the auction, when three of the most disturbed souls on the show, Lily, Ivy, and Chuck, spent millions of dollars in a frenzy of trying to ruin each other's lives, the favorite sport of the Upper East Side? Read More...



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