'American Horror Story: Asylum' episode 6 recap: 'The Origins of Monstrosity'

How far is too far on "American Horror Story: Asylum"? We haven't reached the point just yet, but the way things are heading we might find out soon enough."The Origins of Monstrosity" served up a whole lot of demented visuals while giving the audience a bit of backstory on several key characters. It was an overly talky episode and not quite as compelling as the rest of the season so far, but here's what we found out:Jenny Reynolds (Nikki Hahn) is an evil little girl and Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) loves her for it"Monstrosity" introduces a pint-sized psychopath in the frightening form of Jenny Reynolds, a little terror rejected from Briarcliff because they don't have a children's ward. Still, her visit gives her enough time to bond with demonically possessed Sister Mary Eunice, who encourages Jenny to act on all of her darkest impulses. She also inspires Mary Eunice to reveal a humiliating experience...



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