American Horror Story Review: "The Origins of Monstrosity"

Evil comes from somewhere, right? Are some killers born, while others become that way due to their upbringing? An intriguing discussion of nature versus nurture. Or, perhaps lack of nurture would be more fitting.

In "The Origins of Monstrosity," we find out that both are most likely true with Little Jenny and Oliver supporting the two differing cases. We can't forget the third option of evil -- being possessed by the devil. I'm looking at you Sister Mary Eunice. 

Now, that we know the truth about Dr. Thredson, I think he should definitely go by his first name. So, Oliver it is. We learned that Oliver was abandoned by his mother and grew up in an orphanage. While his becoming Bloody Face is much more complicated, his disgust at the conditions of Briarcliff make much more sense now. Oliver's self-awareness about his situation was unexpected. He knows what he is doing is on the crazy side, but at the same time he understands his emotional drive and need to do it. Read More...


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