'Survivor: Philippines' recap: Culture clash! Is Abi a villain or victim?

OK, what Abi channel is "Survivor: Philippines" host Jeff Probst tuned in to? While the host with the most seems determined to attribute the paranoid bully's clash with her fellow Castaways to a "cultural misunderstanding," on the show we're watching, Abi is an envoy of Mean Girl Nation. So how did the Brazilian babe charm her tribemates this week? Was the queen of the jungle finally dethroned? Game On While Skupin is reveling in his new power position after flipping on his tribe, Lisa kisses up to Abi. "I have never been good at breakups," says the former child star (who, incidentally, divorced her husband just days before filming started on "Survivor: Philippines"). "Clearly you're already aligned with them," snaps the sourpuss -- to the woman who has been loyal to her since day one. Reward Challenge The tribes are divided into two teams competing for the reward: a spa day and feast at a...



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