American Horror Story Recap: Baby Needs Therapy

Hi everybody! Happy Thanksgiving! What are you doing reading this? Shouldn't you be hanging out with your families instead of reading an American Horror Story recap? Haha, kidding. People who watch this show don't have families. I'm sorry I wasn't here last week, I was on that plane with Rihanna, which was basically like being in Briarcliff.

Before we get started, I have to go out of order and get one thing out of the way. Remember when Lily Rabe did the "You Don't Own" me in an obvious homage to the great giallo horror film, The First Wives Club? Man oh man. Was that amazing or was that amazing? When we go around the table today and say what we're thankful for, I'm picking this! In fact, I'll still be humming it when I overhead my dad explaining to my grandmother what FX is and that I've been under a lot of stress lately. Read More...


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