Survivor: Philippines Review “Whiners are Weiners”

It’s always great seeing people get what’s coming to them, right? Is there anything more gratifying than seeing karma play out? That’s exactly how I feel when tonight’s episode of Survivor: Philippinesstarted, as we see Abi and Pete return to camp after tribal and realize how well and truly screwed they are.

"Whiners are Weiners" continues to focus on Abi and Lisa, as Lisa has to deal with the consequences of leaving her old alliance. I’m really interested to see how much further she can get in the game, as it really does look like she’s at the bottom of her new alliance.

We quickly get to the reward challenge, and it was a weird one. I’m always happy to see a new challenge on Survivor, as they’ve been more and more prone to just rehash old challenges, but I thought this one would be too simple. I guess I was wrong! Not only did Abi flip the other teams game piece, but Skupin did as well! It wasn’t entirely fair that the four youngest tribe members were all on the same team, either, but I guess that’s all the luck of the draw! Read More...


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