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American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 Review “The Origins of Monstrosity” – It’s All In The Name Of Progress…

There are Nazi doctors, possessed nuns, murderous children, and serial murderers that wear the skin of their victims. With all of that craziness in one place, it can only be American Horror Story: Asylum. In “The Origins of Monstrosity” we finally have answers to a lot of our questions, and yet somehow more questions popped up as well.

First we were introduced to Jenny, a seemingly adorable little seven year old. Jenny’s mother comes to Briarcliff to ask Sister Jude to take the young girl. Apparently something has been wrong with Jenny since birth – she never cried, never expressed emotion, and then there’s that little problem of one of her friends ending up murdered after spending a day in the woods with Jenny. Of course the man that Jenny saw never shows up, and finding a piece of the friend’s hair in Jenny’s pocket leads mom to commit her daughter. Read More....


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