The Hour Series 2 Episode 2 Review

It’s another great installment of The Hour this week, as we delve into the difficult area of racial tensionsin Britain at a time when immigration and casual fascism was a hot topic both on the streets and on the television. There’s also trouble for Hector, whose affair with the actress last week lands him in a very precarious position.

It’s a slow news week and Bel and Freddie pursue a controversial debate piece between Freddie’s black neighbor and the bad news across the street. After the latter attacks his new wife, it causes tensions at home when Freddie decides to give him a segment on The Hour at a time when debate over such matters was unprecedented. It brings the central ideas of The Hour back into the show, as they delve into the changing news landscape at the time. There’s also a nice too-and-fro between Bel and the news editor, now that Freddie’s place on the program has shifted slightly. Read More...


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