Hunted Season 1 Review “Polyhedrus”

If it were even possible anymore, Hunted tries to lay even more complexity on its already twisty, turny conspiracies and intrigue, with only two weeks to go before the season finale after ‘Polyhedrus’ draws to a close. We still don’t know much, but things are slowly starting to unravel on both sides.

The irritants of the show are still everywhere, from Melissa George’s incessant pouting to the constant arty shots of the London skyline (seriously, just how many MI5 offices have panoramic views?), but familiarity has lent the show’s central themes and plot threads some coherency at last. I still can’t name any of the characters, and have trouble identifying most others’ allegiances, but, now that we at least know who the mole was and how vast the Hourglass organization really is, Hunted is finally inviting the audience into its harsh, icy world of spies and betrayal.

We begin where we left off last week, with Hunter and Stephen finally getting it on after their climactic kiss. Such is the nature of George’s performance, I’m not entirely sure whether this is part of the job or a genuine connection, but the next couple of weeks will no doubt see Hunter choose between the man she’s been manipulating for weeks and Aiden, the man who played some part in her traumatic experiences in Tangia. It’s a love triangle with an intelligent twist, and the stakes have certainly been raised by Hunter’s emotional connection to both Stephen and his son. Read More...


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