Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “The Deepening”

Given that the Belcher’s restaurant is located in a seaside tourist neighborhood, it seems natural forBob’s Burgers to tread into shark infested waters and give us a little Jaws influenced story of its own. Rather than bringing real sharks into the town’s waters, "The Deepening" put Bob’s block under attack by the very same mechanical shark that had been used for a movie shot in the town decades earlier.

The mechanical shark was probably a disaster waiting to happen, but leave it to the Belcher kids to ensure that any disaster waiting to happen actually happens. Louise convinced Gene to get up on that mechanical shark so she could take the mechanical fin to sell on the black market. The shark-fin soup bit worked fine because Louise is kind of crazy as it is, but it could have been a little more finessed. With Tina’s hilarious Free-Willy inspired daydream just moments before, it might have been more believable if her desire to free the shark had led to the accidental tumble, or at least led to Louise manipulating Gene and Tina into getting the shark down to "free it" so she could secretly hack the fin off herself. Read More...


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