Family Guy Season 11 Review “Lois Comes Out of Her Shell”

Lois had a midlife crisis this week on "Family Guy," to relatively amusing effect as she got a makeover, hair extensions, a lower-back tat and a series of hootchie-mama outfits, in the aptly-titled"Lois Comes out of Her Shell." Mistaking her sadness for need for a party, Peter put together a shindig that didn’t help matters much. (Loved the visual gag of the faux "store" Peter erected to keep Lois occupied while he was putting together her party, down to a speaking stand-up grocer.) Or it might have, if Peter hadn’t given a dubious-if-hilarious speech that culminated in the line: "I have a lovely gift of the batch-swapping variety waiting for you when I’m just the right amount of drunk."

The not-so-happy occasion sends Lois down the rabbit hole of flipping out and she starts hanging out with girls half her age and going to Justin Beiber concerts, which is never a good thing for anyone. Still, Peter is appreciative at first, enjoying her youthful exuberance and newfound sexy attitude. At one point he sees her and announces, hilariously: "Guys, I gotta go and shoot one in the sink." LOL…and eww. Read More...


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