The Good Wife Season 4 Review “A Defense of Marriage”

If there is one universal truth, it’s that dealing with family will leave you shaking your head and looking for a drink. At least dealing with Alicia’s family will. This episode of The Good Wife was pretty standard, but ok.

A few thoughts about "A Defense of Marriage":

The case of the week presented an interesting problem. The CEO and CFO of a tax company were accused of filing fake tax returns and paying out tax refunds on those fake returns. They were being tried together on the criminal charges, and the State attempted to introduce a taped conversation between the CEO and his wife that was obtained via a wiretap. The judge obviously did not let the conversation in because of spousal privilege, so the State attempted to introduce a conversation between the CFO and his husband obtained via another wiretap. When Diane objected, the State argued that same-sex marriage is not recognized by the federal government as evidenced by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), so the conversation was not protected by spousal privilege. It didn’t matter that the CFO and his husband were legally married in Vermont. The judge (the always delightful Bebe Neuwirth) had to decide whether DOMA did in fact negate spousal privilege between the CFO and his husband or whether they were afforded spousal privilege. Diane and Co. were approached by an attorney, Jeremy Breslow, who was famous for arguing on behalf of the homosexual community before the Supreme Court. It was fairly obvious from the get go that he did not have his client’s best interest at heart. He argued the unconstitutionality of DOMA, but did very little to defend the client that was actually on trial. Ultimately, the judge was forced to conclude that DOMA was the law of the land, so the conversation was allowed. The ruling made Diane and Alicia’s job more difficult, but in the end they were able to successfully get the State to drop all the charges against the CFO after they found out that there were two wire taps on the phone. Read More..


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