The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Game Changers”: Jennifer Beals Comes On The Scene

I’m a little at a loss as to how to actually recap this week’s episode. Sure, the show has always been disjointed, but this episode, "Game Changers," felt more disjointed than ever. I think I’ll revert to how I used to recap Chicago Fire and just lump the medical stuff together and the mob stuff together. It seems like it’ll be easier that way.

Firstly, Grace has to work on a patient named Kate. We find out that she’s a girl from Grace’s past. Grace and Nate knew the girl since she was four years old or something like that. But now, Kate, who used to be a straight-A student, is now strung out on heroine. Her boyfriend is her dealer and is aiming to keep her in the world of drugs. Grace is called to Kate’s mother’s house to care for Kate, who is undergoing intense withdrawal symptoms. Beforehand, Kate told her mother to put handcuffs on her so she wouldn’t run away when she tried to go cold turkey, but now the handcuffs are beginning to dig into her wrists. After Grace gets her sedated, she takes her to the hospital until she can get to a rehab center. Read More...


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