'Glee' recap: Fighting evil -- with song! -- in 'Dynamic Duets'

Every once in a while, "Glee" gets it just right. The combination of singing and bizarre comedy in "Dynamic Duets" works beautifully to give us an episode that manages to be about plenty of issues while still making us laugh at the silliness of it all.Because glee clubs aren't dorky enoughSometimes I think these kids want to be picked on. Not that there's anything actually wrong with dressing up in tights and a cape while you pretend to be a superhero. That's kind of cool really.It is not, however, terribly cool in high school. In fact, it's a good way to have the bullies target you. But that doesn't happen in "Dynamic Duets." Maybe it would eventually, but the New Directions superheroes are too busy singing, fighting crime, standing up for lunch ladies, getting diagnosed with learning disorders and developing bulimia to notice.More power to them!Evil sends the New Directions in different directionsHow fortunate is...



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