Glee Recap: Holding Out For a Hero

Is it just me, or does Glee have a habit of following up offensive episodes like last week’s with episodes that are almost willfully benign (save for the resurgence of last week’s eating disorder storyline which – trust me – we’ll talk about more soon)? I’m not necessarily complaining, but the false sense of complacency episodes like last night’s lull me into just makes Glee feel even more like the shady boyfriend I try to keep secret. Sometimes he’s fine – sweet, funny, charming – but more often than not, he’s erratic and unpredictable, and you sure as hell don’t want your friends to know you’re still seeing him, am I right?

Because McKinley has no classes and no dress code, Blaine has founded (or at least assumed the presidency of) the Secret Society of Superheroes. It’s basically one part live action role playing, one part litter clean up, and one part vigilante justice; in other words, it’s a great way to pad one’s college applications. Moreover, it’s what Glee does best: it’s a tight organizational theme for the episode, it’s intentionally wacky, and it’s admirably energetic. And it’s fortunate that McKinley’s superheroes have joined forces, because there’s a crime to investigate: someone’s stolen the New Directions’ Nationals trophy and left a laptop in its place. "Who leaves a laptop?" Artie wonders. "Someone rich," Blaine replies. Yep, the Warblers are back! Read More...


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