The X Factor Recap: Thanksgiving Massacre

We have established that Simon Cowell is a monster who cares nothing for family or tradition. This week, when we should be catching up with our hometown friends, arguing politics with our parents, and murdering each other over doorbuster deals, The X Factor has gone ahead with two whole new episodes, including this one, which is a seasonally-inappropriate double elimination. Full disclosure: I am watching this on Friday, with a red-wine hangover and an elephant-tranquilizer level of tryptophan still coursing through my stiffened arteries. Let’s. Do. This.

Did you see last night? Last night was all about Giving Thanks, or as Khloe struggles to say: "the contestants sang songsta the spesha people that are impornit to their lifes." I am so grateful for Khloe Kardashian, you guys. Because now I have something I can show my agent and be like: "Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure you don’t want to submit me for this job? Because this is happening." Read More...


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