The Good Wife Recap: Family Values

Ah, Thanksgiving: There’s turkey and cranberry sauce, your mother-in-law and her dashing Latin caretaker/lover making everyone just this side of confused, a life-size stuffed giraffe presented without comment, and, if you’re very lucky, a misguided, aggressive quickie in the bathroom after the meal. There was almost too much going on in this Very Special Holiday dose of The Good Wife — and we haven’t even mentioned the case of the wee —but most of it was just so gosh darn delightful that we’re still counting it among our favorite episodes of the season. Who else out there could watch Stockard Channing have M&M conferences with David Lee all day? And let’s not even start on the mom-on-mom kitchen wars. "Paying for it seems to run in your family," says a wine-swilling Veronica to Jackie, after she asks her how much Cristian charges. Gold. Read More...


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