The Walking Dead Recap: A Change of Scenery

The big shift in Rick this season has been how he’s gone from being the man who deliberated over taking a human life to one who now doesn’t hesitate to do so, as long as it will help keep his own people together and safe. He views anyone outside their circle as a potential enemy, likely to bring them harm. Considering that Rick’s initial group wouldn’t have survived if Hershel and family hadn’t taken then in, it’s interesting that he’s strayed as far away from the compassionate route as he has. Then again, that was so many months ago, before they encountered countless unspeakable hardships (and I mean that literally, since the show has never told us how they managed to survive intact that whole time). Everyone’s become a lot more comfortable with admitting that all they care about is each other. They no longer talk about finding an antidote or a government refuge. They dream of smaller things now, like planting a garden or being able to call a prison home. Read More...


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