Boardwalk Empire Recap: We All Take Care of Each Other, Son

Boardwalk Empire has to be the most uneven "good" show on television. While many successful dramas have playbooks and stick to them more or less week to week, you’d be a fool to guess how this show gets from narrative points A to B. You could defend this indirect, anti-intuitive approach as a sophisticate’s take on television plotting, except it’s hardly an approach that’s worked emotionally or intellectually: I wonder if any of the show’s most loyal fans would bother denying that there are weird, unedifying stretches of languor, and curious spans of time spent introducing minor characters (who usually wind up biting it in ways that feel pretty unimportant). But even if you’ve found yourself frustrated with the storytelling in this season, the consequence of back-loading the overall drama has at least one structural benefit: an hour as compelling and compact as "Two Imposters." Read More...


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