'Teen Mom 2' recap: Jenelle misses Ke$ha concert on account of jail

This "Teen Mom 2" recap is dedicated to Jenelle Evans' probation officer, the unsung hero responsible for sending her directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not go to a Ke$ha concert! The troubled young mama provided one of the most priceless moments in "Teen Mom" history with her jail time "negotiation" with her exasperated attorney. Jenelle refuses to commit to her recovery ("12 Step is not my fantasy, mom!") and would rather serve up to 45 days behind bars than give up weed on a drug-monitored probation. There's only one problem, and her name is Ke$ha. You see, although the probation officer offers Jenelle the opportunity to serve only 16 days, it commences three days before a Ke$ha concert in Raleigh. Let's break down the magnitude of this event:It's not just a concert, it's Ke$ha. And Jenelle is "obsessed with this girl!"She got "all these feathers" in her hair! She has second-row seats!She...



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