Gossip Girl Recap: Since When Did You Start Spiking Your Chamomile?

Can one ever really know another person? On Gossip Girl and in life, we have learned that one cannot. People lie. They cheat. They have secret families, trysts with prostitutes, tweet pictures of their penises to strangers. Still, love makes you blind. It can make you overlook things like the fact that your beloved once pretended to be your ex-wife’s niece for months, or that the man you think is your one true love portrayed you as a dumb slut in a novel and just last week promised the nonfiction version would be similarly devastating, or fathered a child with his wife’s sister. No, one can never tell what lies in the heart of the one lying next to you. But if you happen to be standing up, you can hug them in front of a mirror and see if they make weird faces behind your back. That’s one way to tell if they are up to something, although no one on Gossip Girl has figured it out yet. Read More...



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