'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Darthy' recap: It's always something

By the end of Tuesday's (Nov. 27) episode of "Sons of Anarchy" -- the next-to-last one of Season 5 -- Jax is dealing with or has dealt with no fewer than five crises, any one of which could throw off his vision for the future of SAMCRO.Galen and the Irish are paid off, with help from Nero, whose ties to the club are now even deeper. But Clay, following his ouster from Sons, is attempting to set up his own freelance business with Galen, and possibly Tig.The cartel is getting what it wants, but not before putting on a show of power to both Jax and the Irish. Damon Pope is interested in the Charming Heights development, and calling in his marker on Tig. Jax has seemingly taken care of Wendy, albeit by pretty despicable means. And then there's Lee Toric, the former U.S. marshal with the interesting reading choices and sizable stash of firearms....



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