New Girl Review: Hashtag VaGenius

I'll be honest. I haven't been loving New Girl season 2 as much as I loved New Girl season 1. Until tonight's "Eggs," I mostly watched the show for Schmidt and tolerated Jess and the rest of the gang. But I can easily admit I was thrilled with tonight's episode. it could be because it spoke to me personally since I am a 27 year old single female.

Or, what I really think happened, is that everyone had a storyline I was invested in. Nick is likable when he is trying to do something productive with his life, even if it is writing a zombie novel, where the black guy dies first because it's a staple of the drama. Yes, New Girl. It's these smart lines that keep me coming back. And the fact that Nick can't spell "rhythm". And a Downton Abbey reference! Could I be any more smitten with the lines tonight? Read More...


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