Modern Family Recap: Remain in Moving Vehicle

Something about the easy feel of this episode drove me to see who was behind the camera, a gig that tends to feel interchangeable once an episode’s been ground through Modern Family’s well-oiled machinery. Turns out it’s series co-creator Steven Levitan, who only directs one or two episodes each year, generally at times when bigger pieces of plot are being shifted or introduced. It’s unsurprising that Levitan’s last time at the helm was this season's deft, loving premiere. (In a moment toward the end of this one I thought, Ah, now we see why this week’s been handled with such care — Gloria's having the baby. False.)

Every character is represented honestly and comically, except Mitchell being reduced to a few decent one-liners. (Okay, Luke, too, but that's par for the course. It's better this way — just go have fun in your hundred-eyed-alien shirt, little buddy.) And who turned on their TV thinking they'd hear the word cassingle? Who ever turns on their TV daring hope such audacious hopes? Read More...


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