Revolution Season 1 Review “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” — It’s Miles vs Monroe!

It finally happened, dear reader. Danny has been saved! After ten excruciating episodes of Revolution, ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ saw the gang go up against the Militia on their turf. And do you know what? It was actually good. Not just ‘good by Revolution standards’, but genuinely good. At least up until the last ten minutes, but I’ll come to that.

In the first thirty minutes:

Danny was saved. As far as characters on this show go, Danny is utterly pointless. His only purposes so far have been as a) a tool to get the gang to Monroe and b) a way for Monroe to get Rachel to play nice. He’s less a character than an a device, which makes me wonder what role he’ll play when the back half of the season airs. (Danny is also my favourite character. Even though he’s a device. This may be an indicator of how bland everyone else is.) Read More...


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