Ben and Kate Season 1 Review “Guitar Face”

It’s conflict week on Ben and Kate, and it’s not just the titular "Guitar Face," belonging to Will, that’s causing trouble; BJ is jealous now that Kate’s attention isn’t solely focused on her, and Ben is screwing things up for Tommy in pursuit of his own get rich quick schemes. And, with the exception of Tommy and Ben (which I’ll get to later), it all plays perfectly.

The opening, with Kate and Ben tag-team parenting Maddie, is perfect, and shows off the easy chemistry the two leads have built up this season, while also letting Maddie speak just a little bit more than normal. Eventually, I guess, she’ll have to be a real character, with personality traits beyond "standard child," but I appreciate that we’re getting there at a slow pace, rather than being thrust into quirky-child territory from the start.

Will and Kate being annoyingly cute-couple-y would be horrible, if BJ weren’t there to react with the disgust any sane person should have to made-up text acronyms. But Will is looking a little too perfect, even if he is in a ZZ Top cover band called ZZ Scott, so BJ decides to spy on his ex-wife at a divorced women’s support group. The spying doesn’t last, though, and instead we get what may be the most interesting thing BJ’s done so far: she buys into Nan’s vague therapy-speak wholesale. Not that she believes it, or cares, or something; she just loves the attention. Read More...


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