Raising Hope Season 3 Review “The Walk for Runs”

This week’s episode of Raising Hope gave us yet another big secret from Jimmy’s past as the Chances all get ready for "The Walk for Runs". Yes, it’s almost time for yet another Natesville tradition (How many of these do they have?!), as the townsfolk get ready to participate in a 1K run to benefit ABS. What does ABS mean, you ask? Well, apparently it means we get a lot of poop jokes!

Seriously, I can’t remember ever hearing more poop jokes in such a short time span in my life! I was getting so tired of hearing them, you might say I was…pooped!…No?…Ok, moving on.

This is the third week in a row where we get a big reveal of Jimmy’s history, as we find out that he suffered from JABS or "Juvenile Angry Bowel Syndrome". I think the flashbacks of young Jimmy settling Burt and Virginia’s arguments was supposed to be funny, but I just felt bad for him! The poor kid looked so stressed out, and his parents didn’t even care what their arguing was doing to them! Read More...



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