Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Achy Breaky Hearts” – All Good Things…

Zoe just can’t seem to stop herself from getting caught up in town drama. In this week’s episode ofHart of Dixie, "Achy Breaky Hearts," she let herself participate in not one, but two of Lemon’s schemes, on the pretense of saving Lavon from getting his heart broken by Ruby. But I think that heartbreak is inevitable; all the girls really did in the end was postpone it.

After Lemon spotted Ruby talking to a good-looking man, she convinced Zoe to give him a physical exam and get him to confirm that Ruby was cheating on Lavon. Of course she wasn’t; the man was just a headhunter who wanted her for a big corporate job in Dallas. This truth was almost worse as Lavon immediately assumed that she would take the job and leave him behind eating dust. Well…he was kind of right. When Ruby found out, she hit the roof and immediately made preparations to interview for the job.

That’s when Lemon’s guilt kicked in, when it became clear that Lavon was miserable at the prospect of losing Ruby to Texas. Once again, she enlisted Zoe, only their goal changed to getting Lavon to get Ruby to stay. And that backfired, too. It wasn’t a good weekend for scheming. Ruby took the job, but she came back to be with Lavon in Bluebell until the end of the year. I kind of have to wonder what the point of that is, but I’m willing to go with the story for now. Read More...



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