Vegas Season 1 Review “Exposure”

I got excited when I saw that the case of the week was supposed to take place partially on a military base in the desert. I was hoping we would get to see some alien cover-up stuff. Alas, no aliens. But this was still a solid outing for Vegas.

A few thoughts on "Exposure":

The case of the week was an Air Force doctor who was found dead in a parking lot. Ralph and Co. quickly deduced that the doctor’s body had been dumped there and the entire crime scene was a set-up. The doctor found out that soldiers on the base were suffering from radiation poisoning, and he told the Air Force investigator about it. The investigator chose not to investigate the doctor’s initial claim because he (the investigator) was protecting his own behind. As it turns out, there was a private defense contracting firm that was conducting top secret tests for anti-radiation suits on the members of the 43rd Airborne unit. The problem is that they didn’t bother telling the soldiers that they were a part of a top secret radiation test. Ralph discovered that one of the defense contractors murdered the doctor, but they couldn’t arrest him since he was on a military base. Ralph tricked the killer into chasing him off the base, and they arrested him then. Read More...


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